Bold Patterns and Colors Speak Loudly

When it comes to creating beautiful window treatments, there is nothing like beautiful color. But don’t assume you have to stick with just one color or pattern. Mixing and matching patterns with a color that ties them together is one way to create window treatments that bring spark and pizazz to a room.

Don’t be afraid to mix stripes, dots, florals, and solids for the perfect complementary window treatments. We just loved this color palette and varying patterns for a spring lift.

And don’t be afraid to go bold either – bright, striking, bold colors and patterns speak volumes when it comes to window treatments.

Keep in mind that patterns affect the overall impression of the room. Vertical lines give the impression of a narrow and high, while the horizontal line creates the impression of a wider room. Consider the size of the room before opting for a bold floral. For example, a big floral pattern with a striking color will give full impression to the room. If the room is small, you should avoid this style unless you really want the fabric to be the focal point. However, you could use a striking color with a smaller floral pattern to get the effect you desire.

We can help you decide on fabric colors and patterns to optimize the space you have, and bring the warmth to the room that you want. Just give us a call and we’ll come to your home for a free consultation.