What Color Says About You

What does color say about you? You’d be surprised what colors mean and you may find that they are an accurate reflection of your true inner self.

Red is a color often associated with passion. That’s why red roses, red lipstick, and red dresses are so popular for passionate women and men. It’s a vibrant, active, and exciting color to most people.

Blue is more calming and brings a sense of organization to people. It is symbolic of the sky and usually evokes feelings of happiness.

Green is a color that often brings visions of nature into the home. It can also be a color that represents organization and a desire for things to be orderly. It’s all about balance and keeping things in synch – like nature!

White is a “color” that brings out the sense of simplicity in a person and a home. It’s pure and simple. White can make people feel young and it often evokes a feeling of innocence and youth. It can be welcoming and when various shades of white and cream are intermingled, they can be inviting and calming.

When you choose your fabric for window treatments, duvets, pillows, and other accessories, think about the color and how it makes you feel. Consider what it means to you. Some people love to mix colors like a vibrant purple contrasted with a brilliant white, while others prefer to use hues of the same color. Some prefer massive florals, while others gravitate to small designs, nubby fabrics, stripes, plaids, or other designs.

There is no right or wrong color – just beautiful color that you love. When you choose colors for your home, look outdoors for inspiration and let the world be your palette. Then create incredible accessories that make you feel wonderful.