Fringe, Beads, and Tassels: Who Knew!

Creating a fantastic window treatment is easier when you consider the many colorful tassels, beads, bands, fringes, laces, and opulent borders for your fabric. One way to really dress up a window treatment is to add some fringe or beading. A simple border can take a window treatment from plain to fantastic in just minutes.

Contrasting a ‘showy’ border with a basic fabric is one way to dress it up without feeling the window treatment is overpowering. You can also ‘dress down’ a formal fabric with borders too – changing the look and feel of the window treatments.

Customer window treatments allow you to mix and match borders, fabrics, colors, and styles. It’s all about what YOU love and what sets the mood for your home or office.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – Karen has some great ideas to get your started and before you know it, you’ll have incredible window treatments that reflect your style and personality.