Patterns that Work

A recent visit to check out some carpets left me thinking about how difficult it is for some people to mix and match patterns and color.

A woman was looking at rug samples with a saleswoman and she commented, “But I have curtains that have stripes in them, so I need a solid rug. The patterns won’t match.”

The saleswoman handled it quite well without embarrassing her by explaining that although it was taboo to mix patterns many years ago, it is the best way to decorate today. She showed her how she can take a family of colors and then mix solids, stripes, florals, geometric patterns, and a variety of other patterns for a very pulled together look.

I realized that many people aren’t able to really see how patterns work together without a little help. If you’re wondering what will work in your home or office, give me a call and let’s discuss the use of patterns to bring in a designer look.  With the right patterns, we can create window treatments, pillows, cushions, duvets, shams, and other accessories to make them work for you.