Think About Safety with Children’s Window Treatments

Many of our customers are now looking at new Spring window treatments for their children’s rooms. We love creating fresh, new window treatments with coordinating duvet, pillows, and other accents. 

A safe and fun window treatment for a child’s room.

When thinking about window treatments for a young child’s room, keep these safety tips in mind when it comes to windows:

  • If you plan to use blinds with draperies or curtains, make sure that there are no hanging cords which can be a choking or strangulation hazard. Cordless window products are now available and are recommended. (You can purchase a Retrofit Kit if you already have blinds that don’t need replacing due to wear. Contact the Window Coverings Safety Council or by phone at 1-800-506-4636.)
  • Baby pillows are adorable accessories, but it’s important to remove them from the crib or bed when babies are sleeping. They present a hazard when babies are sleeping because they can potentially smother a child so keep them at a safe distance. Same thing goes for fluffy comforters and snuggly blankets.
  • Don’t use tassels or cords to tie-back window treatments because a child’s head may become caught in the loops and ties. Keeping window treatments shorter and above the top 1/2 of the window is advisable.
  • Some safe considerations for a child’s room include colorful valances with decorative trim, a shade or blind with a whimsical trim, or a short drapery — or use a cornice or covered board at the top of the window. Adding extra ‘padding’ in between the board and the fabric can create a fun look for a child’s room. Adding buttons or other accessories will dress it up even more.
  • Roman shades are an option but just be sure there is no excess cord when lowered so a child’s head cannot get caught in the loop.
  • Use coordinating fabric and color on lampshades, a bulletin board, the top of a toy box, or other places throughout the room.
  • Extend the color and fun from the window treatment into a fun reading space for kids. Create a large floor sized pillow with lots of fun throw pillows or accessories to toss around it for an older child or Tween who might love having a private reading space!

Give Karen a call at Sewinit’ and she’ll be happy to create a design to freshen up your child’s room with safety in mind. Spring is just around the corner and adding a colorful fabric to your child’s room will welcome the sun and warmer weather!