Fresh and beautiful roman shades

It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

We are so in love with this adorable roman shade we just created for a client. The fresh crisp white accented with the gorgeous blue is beautiful and really brightens up the space.

Do you need to freshen up a space or need some design help with window treatments, bedding, or pillows? Give us a call to get on our schedule – we’d love to help you.

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Love This Fabric!

sewinitWe love this new custom window treatment for a client in Richmond. The beautiful rich color is so warm and inviting. Taking the time to match the patterns perfectly makes all of the difference in the world to the finished effect!

Think About Safety with Children’s Window Treatments

Many of our customers are now looking at new Spring window treatments for their children’s rooms. We love creating fresh, new window treatments with coordinating duvet, pillows, and other accents. 

A safe and fun window treatment for a child’s room.

When thinking about window treatments for a young child’s room, keep these safety tips in mind when it comes to windows:

  • If you plan to use blinds with draperies or curtains, make sure that there are no hanging cords which can be a choking or strangulation hazard. Cordless window products are now available and are recommended. (You can purchase a Retrofit Kit if you already have blinds that don’t need replacing due to wear. Contact the Window Coverings Safety Council or by phone at 1-800-506-4636.)
  • Baby pillows are adorable accessories, but it’s important to remove them from the crib or bed when babies are sleeping. They present a hazard when babies are sleeping because they can potentially smother a child so keep them at a safe distance. Same thing goes for fluffy comforters and snuggly blankets.
  • Don’t use tassels or cords to tie-back window treatments because a child’s head may become caught in the loops and ties. Keeping window treatments shorter and above the top 1/2 of the window is advisable.
  • Some safe considerations for a child’s room include colorful valances with decorative trim, a shade or blind with a whimsical trim, or a short drapery — or use a cornice or covered board at the top of the window. Adding extra ‘padding’ in between the board and the fabric can create a fun look for a child’s room. Adding buttons or other accessories will dress it up even more.
  • Roman shades are an option but just be sure there is no excess cord when lowered so a child’s head cannot get caught in the loop.
  • Use coordinating fabric and color on lampshades, a bulletin board, the top of a toy box, or other places throughout the room.
  • Extend the color and fun from the window treatment into a fun reading space for kids. Create a large floor sized pillow with lots of fun throw pillows or accessories to toss around it for an older child or Tween who might love having a private reading space!

Give Karen a call at Sewinit’ and she’ll be happy to create a design to freshen up your child’s room with safety in mind. Spring is just around the corner and adding a colorful fabric to your child’s room will welcome the sun and warmer weather!

Fresh Custom Looks for French and Sliding Doors

roman shadesCustom curtains in Richmond are just a phone call away with Sewinit’. And when it comes to fresh custom looks for French doors and sliding doors, Karen can create your one-of-a-kind window treatment.

Sliding glass doors or french doors can be problematic when it comes to window treatments or even providing privacy for your home. But now there are some new ways to use window treatments to beautify even the oldest windows or outdated sliding glass doors.

Try these ideas:

  • Use side-mounted panels that are only on either side of the doors/windows. Mount the draperies on short rods. Mount them higher than the top of the door for an even more dramatic effect. This works well for windows that don’t need to be covered for privacy.
  • Use a valance mounted above the door – use a zig-zag border for visual appeal and side panelsto make an old window appear new.
  • Roman shades are a creative and excellent alternative! They can be working Roman shades or faux shades, depending on whether or not you need them for privacy.
  • Hang long panels that stay to each side of the door during the day, but that can be pulled together for privacy or at night.
  • Working Roman Shades on French Doors
    Working Roman Shades on French Doors

    Use a one-sided panel that can be pulled across the door for privacy – use a light-weight fabric that doesn’t bunch too much when pulled to the side.

  • Grommet-top panels mounted with large rings will be visually appealing and slide easily.

Contact Karen to discover the possibilities!

Create Affordable Custom Window Treatments

Fringe takes plain curtains to "WOW!"
Fringe takes plain curtains to “WOW!”

Wondering how to get beautiful custom window treatments and custom accessories without breaking the bank? In addition to working with a local seamstress like Karen at Sewinit’, there are some other great tips that make it even easier and more affordable than you thought possible:

  • To get an expensive look without spending a ton of money on fabric, purchase beautiful trims, cords, tassels and fringes. They dress up even the least expensive fabrics and Karen knows how to make them work!
  • Don’t cover the window – expose it! Create window treatments that frame around the window and allow all of the light to come in. Hang rods high enough that window treatments just touch the top of the window. They make window treatments look more elegant and custom.
  • Don’t be afraid to use color (although neutrals are beautiful too)! You can use a vibrant color to give a richer look to window treatments and bring the walls to life. Or if you prefer to stay neutral, use a vibrant color on pillows and accessories to make the window treatments even more beautiful.

    Check out this unusual border! Beautiful!
  • Shop for fabric at discount stores or on the close-out table of more upscale stores. Karen can help you find great prices on fabric too!
  • Use inexpensive cords or ribbons to tie back full draperies for an elegant effect. You can change out the tie-backs inexpensively and easily to change up the room for seasonal variation.
  • Allow curtain to “puddle” on the floor – this immediately gives a more expensive look when done right and it just takes a bit more fabric.
Kingston Valance with fringe
Kingston Valance with fringe

Give Karen a call and discuss your needs with her. She can help you find affordable fabrics, decorative options, and beautiful window treatments!

Pops of Color Create Designer Rooms

pops-of-color-bannerNothing says ‘custom’ or ‘designer’ like pops of color! When it comes to creating window treatments or anything else for your home, you can start with a neutral base, add pops of color, and you have a room that is fit for the front cover of a designer magazine.

Consider creating an all-white room and let pops of color bring it to life.Or use contrasting colors like black and vibrant fuschia to make a room ‘pop’!

Custom sewing makes it all possible. You can choose the fabrics you love for window treatments, pillows, duvets, window seats, shams, and more!

Browse these ideas and then let us know if we can help you create your own dramatic room by using custom window treatments accented with lots of pops of color!

valpop of color

photo (1)Pillows-decorationdecorative pillows for bed

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Bold Patterns and Colors Speak Loudly

When it comes to creating beautiful window treatments, there is nothing like beautiful color. But don’t assume you have to stick with just one color or pattern. Mixing and matching patterns with a color that ties them together is one way to create window treatments that bring spark and pizazz to a room.

Don’t be afraid to mix stripes, dots, florals, and solids for the perfect complementary window treatments. We just loved this color palette and varying patterns for a spring lift.

And don’t be afraid to go bold either – bright, striking, bold colors and patterns speak volumes when it comes to window treatments.

Keep in mind that patterns affect the overall impression of the room. Vertical lines give the impression of a narrow and high, while the horizontal line creates the impression of a wider room. Consider the size of the room before opting for a bold floral. For example, a big floral pattern with a striking color will give full impression to the room. If the room is small, you should avoid this style unless you really want the fabric to be the focal point. However, you could use a striking color with a smaller floral pattern to get the effect you desire.

We can help you decide on fabric colors and patterns to optimize the space you have, and bring the warmth to the room that you want. Just give us a call and we’ll come to your home for a free consultation.

Minky Soft Baby Blankets

Blankets with a minky soft side and a bright colorful side might be just what your child needs. And they make great gifts for family and friends. Sewinit can customize  your baby’s blanket with monogramming and we’ll choose a fabric to coordinate the nursery, carseat, or other things for baby.

Give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect hand-made baby gift.

Drapery Panels for a Touch of Elegance

Draperies were once considered heavy, tapestry-type window coverings and were only found in the finest homes. They’re still found in some of the most opulent homes around, but they’re also affordable for every home.

Today’s draperies come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors. From elegant satin or linen and lots of other fabrics, and pinch-pleated, puddling, and more free-flowing, drapery panels can turn a room from boring to exciting. Over-sized grommets securing panels that puddle to the floor are an inexpensive way to turn a room into a work of art – there are plenty of options and we’re happy to help you determine what best fits your unique style and environment.

That’s just one reason custom window treatments are so great – you don’t choose from a catalog and settle for what’s available. Because we know that one size does NOT fit all!

Give us a call and let us help bring an updated touch of elegance to your home or office.