Color Galore!


Bring a Bedroom to Life with Color

The assignment?

“Please help me brighten up my drab bedroom. I’m tired of the drab color on the bed but I don’t want to go too crazy. I’m afraid of too much color or pattern.”

For someone who is a bit shy about making major changes in the big things in a room like comforters and window treatments, pillows and throws are the perfect alternative. Using a traditional white fabric for the bedcover was the perfect backdrop for colorful pillows that pop! Adding some pillow shams and adding white pillows of different sizes made a big difference.

The new colorful striped pillows and a fresh new throw at the bottom of the bed complement the new wall color and bring it all together. It’s that simple!

Now whenever she’s ready for a new makeover, we’ll trade out the pillow covers and throw for something new and fresh.

And maybe she’ll be ready for a vibrant new colored comforter cover by then!


Let the Sun Shine In!

Sheers and semi-sheer panels are the perfect solution for a window covering that provides some privacy, yet allows lots of beautiful light into your home. Sheers can be used alone or they can be paired underneath curtains and draperies that can be easily pulled back to allow sunlight in.

Sheers that are custom-fitted for your windows can also be adorned with an edging of color or topped with a valance for a unique look to accent your room. Sheers don’t always have to be white or cream either. They come in a variety of colors.

You can also consider a light-weight, airy cotton or linen for window treatments and accent them with fringe or other adornments to add color. Light bright colors let in more light and set the mood for a beautiful spring and summer.

Create beautiful window treatments and let the sun shine in!

Corner Cornices Brighten a Space

Looking for something new and different?

Try one of our corner cornices. It can add a little bit of flair to a plain window pushed into a corner.

Using a solid, textured fabric with a contrasting trim gives it a nice, clean look. But you could use a variety of fabrics and patterns with this same design.

You could even use this same design for a child’s room with playful fabric and a fun trim made of multi-colored pom-poms, “feathers”, or braided roping. It’s a different way to bring out the character of a child and create an accent in a room in a space that was once blah.

Got problem windows? Let us help you create something fresh and unique!

Cornices can Create a Dramatic Effect

Cornices may sound intimidating – but don’t let them. They’re simply boards covered with fabric of your choice and they can create a new look to your room and home. You can make them as simple, or as formal as desired, and the fabric you choose does make a difference. Custom window treatments come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors – and cornices are just one option.

Tailored cornices can be formal or informal, and they can be used alone — or paired with elegant drapery panels. You can make them conventional, traditional, or transitional. They can even be contemporary and you have lots of options when it comes to design and fabric selection.

A striking bold pattern or a textured solid fabric can set the tone for the room. Cornices are also an option for dressing up a window that already has simple blinds or shutters. Custom cornices ensure that you have the perfect fit — you can attach them above the window to make ceilings appear taller or to invoke a dramatic effect. Use them to bring the entire room together.

If you’re looking for a new spring or summer look, consider custom cornices for your home. It’s an inexpensive way to customize window treatments and bring a whole new feel to your space.

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