Fresh Custom Looks for French and Sliding Doors

roman shadesCustom curtains in Richmond are just a phone call away with Sewinit’. And when it comes to fresh custom looks for French doors and sliding doors, Karen can create your one-of-a-kind window treatment.

Sliding glass doors or french doors can be problematic when it comes to window treatments or even providing privacy for your home. But now there are some new ways to use window treatments to beautify even the oldest windows or outdated sliding glass doors.

Try these ideas:

  • Use side-mounted panels that are only on either side of the doors/windows. Mount the draperies on short rods. Mount them higher than the top of the door for an even more dramatic effect. This works well for windows that don’t need to be covered for privacy.
  • Use a valance mounted above the door – use a zig-zag border for visual appeal and side panelsto make an old window appear new.
  • Roman shades are a creative and excellent alternative! They can be working Roman shades or faux shades, depending on whether or not you need them for privacy.
  • Hang long panels that stay to each side of the door during the day, but that can be pulled together for privacy or at night.
  • Working Roman Shades on French Doors
    Working Roman Shades on French Doors

    Use a one-sided panel that can be pulled across the door for privacy – use a light-weight fabric that doesn’t bunch too much when pulled to the side.

  • Grommet-top panels mounted with large rings will be visually appealing and slide easily.

Contact Karen to discover the possibilities!


Pops of Color Create Designer Rooms

pops-of-color-bannerNothing says ‘custom’ or ‘designer’ like pops of color! When it comes to creating window treatments or anything else for your home, you can start with a neutral base, add pops of color, and you have a room that is fit for the front cover of a designer magazine.

Consider creating an all-white room and let pops of color bring it to life.Or use contrasting colors like black and vibrant fuschia to make a room ‘pop’!

Custom sewing makes it all possible. You can choose the fabrics you love for window treatments, pillows, duvets, window seats, shams, and more!

Browse these ideas and then let us know if we can help you create your own dramatic room by using custom window treatments accented with lots of pops of color!

valpop of color

photo (1)Pillows-decorationdecorative pillows for bed

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Balancing Color and Design for Custom Window Treatments

fabric coordination
Various patterns in complementary colors create an inviting room.

When it comes to decorating, nothing is more frustrating than having a beautiful wall color and not being able to find the perfect window treatment or other fabrics.

Complementing and highlighting the wall color is essential to bringing the room together in just the right way. Choosing a color scheme early in the process is important – but don’t worry – if you already have fabrics you want to keep, complementing them with new fabrics in the same color family will work nicely.

Here are some tips that will help you create the most beautiful window treatments:

  1. Decorate from floor to ceiling, going dark to light. Keep floors dark, window treatments in a middle range and the ceiling light for the most soothing effect.
  2. Choose window treatments and fabric before you choose a wall paint color – it will be much easier to match the wall color to the fabric than the other way around! Nothing is worse than having a beautifully and freshly painted room and not being able to find a coordinating fabric  to accent the decor!
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Using stripes, solids, florals, and other prints works quite well when there is unity in the color scheme. Complementary colors are key and sticking with 3 basic colors will keep it all unified.
  4. Too many colors make a room appear disorganized and distracting. The room should flow from floor to ceiling – creating an inviting and warm welcome. Choosing a color scheme is usually one of the first steps in the design process, because color can be used to create a focal point and set the mood in a room. Colors like coral, red, and peach create a cozy feeling. Cooler blues and grays might be more welcome in south-facing rooms. Bright colors against a light background appear to fill up a wall, but those same colors against a dark background will not appear as bright or large. Consider the effect you want when choosing your color scheme.
  5. Colors may change from day to evening as the light shifts, so if you have a lot of windows with lots of light during daytime, consider the effects at night too.
  6. The actual design is important:
  • colorVertical lines add height and create a feeling of dignity and formality.
  • Horizontal lines are more casual and give a sense of breadth and size.
  • Diagonal lines attract attention and are best used as details or supported with vertical lines.
  • Curved lines soften the mood and keep window treatments from looking too stiff.
  • Bands, borders, and trims are a good way to emphasize line – for example, vertical lines add height and pull the eye upward for a more dramatic effect, while horizontal lines are more casual and give a greater sense of breadth.

Contact us if you need help choosing fabrics and creating the design you desire for your home. We’re happy to provide you with an in-home consultation free of charge when you purchase custom window treatments and other accessories from

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Bay Window Treatments

Does your living room feel especially hot? Summer sun can be especially problematic when you have large open bay windows in a room. Although they are beautiful adornments that allow light to flood your living space, there are times when it might be nice to prevent some of the sun’s heat from driving you to crank up the A/C.

And you can create beautiful window treatments for bay windows that liven up your living space and make it feel cool and comfortable. There was a time when the only window treatment for a bay window was to leave it bare.

Not any more!

Swags for bay window mounted on boards

Bay windows defy all tradition with today’s window treatments. Consider something new and different:

  • Long, flowing panels carefully hung around the window to make it appear like several smaller windows.
  • Vibrant colored solid panels on either side of the bow, with an incredibly beautiful contrasting patterned valance across the entire top of the box.
  • Swags for a bay mounted on boards for a more dramatic effect.
  • Wide panels on either side and a panel in the middle to anchor the window — all of which can be drawn together during the hottest part of the day, or pushed back for optimal outdoor views when you choose.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for a bay window by custom-designing the perfect window treatment for your home. It’s an inexpensive way to get a great facelift!

Richmond Custom Sewing Solutions for Designer Looks

We’re working on some fantastic window treatments, pillows, and accessories for a client’s home and it’s coming together nicely.

We started with the current furnishings and worked from there to add splashes of color with fabrics that pulled it all together. Using multiple patterns with similar colors helped unite two different sitting areas.

Adding sofa pillows with a unique texture bumped it up a notch. Going from ordinary to designer look was quick and easy. Watch for more as we unveil this beautiful change!


Let the Sun Shine In!

Sheers and semi-sheer panels are the perfect solution for a window covering that provides some privacy, yet allows lots of beautiful light into your home. Sheers can be used alone or they can be paired underneath curtains and draperies that can be easily pulled back to allow sunlight in.

Sheers that are custom-fitted for your windows can also be adorned with an edging of color or topped with a valance for a unique look to accent your room. Sheers don’t always have to be white or cream either. They come in a variety of colors.

You can also consider a light-weight, airy cotton or linen for window treatments and accent them with fringe or other adornments to add color. Light bright colors let in more light and set the mood for a beautiful spring and summer.

Create beautiful window treatments and let the sun shine in!

Corner Cornices Brighten a Space

Looking for something new and different?

Try one of our corner cornices. It can add a little bit of flair to a plain window pushed into a corner.

Using a solid, textured fabric with a contrasting trim gives it a nice, clean look. But you could use a variety of fabrics and patterns with this same design.

You could even use this same design for a child’s room with playful fabric and a fun trim made of multi-colored pom-poms, “feathers”, or braided roping. It’s a different way to bring out the character of a child and create an accent in a room in a space that was once blah.

Got problem windows? Let us help you create something fresh and unique!

What Color Says About You

What does color say about you? You’d be surprised what colors mean and you may find that they are an accurate reflection of your true inner self.

Red is a color often associated with passion. That’s why red roses, red lipstick, and red dresses are so popular for passionate women and men. It’s a vibrant, active, and exciting color to most people.

Blue is more calming and brings a sense of organization to people. It is symbolic of the sky and usually evokes feelings of happiness.

Green is a color that often brings visions of nature into the home. It can also be a color that represents organization and a desire for things to be orderly. It’s all about balance and keeping things in synch – like nature!

White is a “color” that brings out the sense of simplicity in a person and a home. It’s pure and simple. White can make people feel young and it often evokes a feeling of innocence and youth. It can be welcoming and when various shades of white and cream are intermingled, they can be inviting and calming.

When you choose your fabric for window treatments, duvets, pillows, and other accessories, think about the color and how it makes you feel. Consider what it means to you. Some people love to mix colors like a vibrant purple contrasted with a brilliant white, while others prefer to use hues of the same color. Some prefer massive florals, while others gravitate to small designs, nubby fabrics, stripes, plaids, or other designs.

There is no right or wrong color – just beautiful color that you love. When you choose colors for your home, look outdoors for inspiration and let the world be your palette. Then create incredible accessories that make you feel wonderful.

Valances Add Beauty to a Room

Not this!

Do you have a window that’s just small and drab? Have you tried to make it look bigger, only to make it look ridiculous?

Then maybe a simple valance is just the lift you need. Valances can add height and fullness to a window. They can turn a small window into a beautiful accessory in your home.

Valances have been around for a very long time – but today’s valances are made of many different fabrics. Large floral prints, solid nubby fabric, airy silk, and more options are available. Turn a dreary window into a welcoming area in a room by adding a simple balloon valance or other styles.

Try THIS instead!

They can be paired with draperies or used alone. Use blinds behind them for more privacy without adding too much bulk to a window. Use your creativity and create a valance that adds color and brightness to your room.